5 Benefits of Asphalt Seal Coating

Why you should invest in seal coating for your buiness

Is your parking lot ruining the curb appeal of your business? Seal coating can improve the look of your pavement and make it more durable. By hiring Tri-State, you can get high-quality seal coating for your commercial parking lot.

Our seal coating work will:

1. Fill cracks in your pavement.
2. Help your parking lot resist damage from gasoline, motor oil and other fluids.
3. Make it easier to clean and maintain your parking lot.
4. Make older pavement look new.
5. Provide an affordable solution to a full parking lot replacement.

Are you ready to restore your asphalt pavement? Make an appointment with our commercial paving contractor today. Although we're based in Shreveport, LA, we serve the tri-state area and beyond.

What is seal coating?

There's no denying the various benefits of seal coating, but what exactly is it? Seal coating is the process of creating a mixture that coats your pavement and protects it from damage. The seal coat is made from either coal tar pitch or asphalt cement that's mixed with emulsifying agents or fillers.

Your paving contractor at Tri-State will spray this mixture on the surface of your pavement in thin layers to fill small cracks and give your pavement a newer appearance. Make an appointment with us today to upgrade your driveway.