Protect Your Parking Lot From Wear and Tear

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Do you need a new parking lot or asphalt structure installed on your property? If so, you can turn to the experts at Tri-State. for comprehensive asphalt installation services. Though we're a business that's based in Shreveport, LA, we're happy to travel anywhere in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas.

When we install your asphalt, we protect it with a layer of seal coating. This seal coating blocks elements like water, oil and UV rays that'll degrade the asphalt over time.

You can turn to us for a completely asphalt structure, or you can have us install an overlay on top of an existing and deteriorating parking lot.

Get a free estimate on our services by calling us at 318-464-9274.

Why should you repair your asphalt right away?

Why should you repair your asphalt right away?

Is your parking lot littered with potholes? Let Tri-State, a company based in Shreveport, LA, take care of your pothole problem. Don't wait to set up asphalt repair services. Potholes:

  • Cause safety issues, potentially leading to car accidents or people tripping and falling
  • Are unsightly, detracting from the overall professional look of your business
  • Are likely to get worse if not dealt with, making repairs in the future more expensive and time-consuming

Our team can also repair cracks or sections of your asphalt that are deteriorating and brittle. Reach out to us right away to set up asphalt repair services.