Don't Settle for Cracked Pavement

Hire a crack sealing company in the tri-state area

Did you know that cracks can cause even more damage to your commercial pavement? Once a crack has formed, water can trickle in and weaken the pavement, and that can lead to bigger cracks. Our crack sealing professionals at Tri-State can help. We'll spray a special solution into your pavement's cracks to prevent damages.

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What types of cracks need filling?

What types of cracks need filling?

The most common types of cracks we see are:

  • Block - cracks that intersect to form a square pattern
  • Reflective - a previously paved-over crack starts to crack again
  • Edge - a crack that forms near the edge of the pavement
  • Slippage - a crescent-shaped crack that forms where cars often stop
  • Joint - a crack that forms in between 2 pieces of pavement
  • Fatigue - cracks that form because the pavement is older and less flexible

At Tri-State Mobile Power Washing, we can fix any type of crack you have. Contact us today to learn more about our crack sealing services.