Reduce Your Commercial Energy and Maintenance Costs

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Does the roof of your commercial property need an upgrade? Are you paying more than ever in maintenance and energy costs? Let Tri-State install a commercial roof coating on the roof of your business. We've been installing elastomeric and silicone roof coatings in the tri-state area for over two decades. It doesn't matter if your roof is metal, asphalt, rubber, or single ply- we can install your commercial roof coating in no time.

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Benefits of roof coatings

Benefits of roof coatings

Although you can't always see it, your roof is one of the most important parts of your commercial building. If not properly maintained, you could end up paying for costly repairs. Here are some benefits of installing a commercial roof coating:

  • Silicone and elastomeric roof coatings provide superior protection against weather damage
  • Coating your roof can reduce energy costs by reflecting sunlight and keeping your roof insulated
  • Sealing your roof with an elastomeric coating prevents leaks and water damage to your ceiling
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